The Unexpected Ministry of Chronic Illness

The Unexpected Ministry of Chronic Illness

Before I was diagnosed with various chronic illnesses I would never have even given them a second thought. My life was very full and busy. I was raising children, active in church, and running my own business. I honestly didn’t really know anyone with a chronic illness.

I’ve been ill for over 15 years now. It was so scary at first because I didn’t know what was wrong and neither did the doctors for a long while. I was finally diagnosed with hypothyroidism, chronic fatigue, and fibromyalgia. My world had completely changed!

For the past 4 years or so I have spent most of my time in bed due to extreme, chronic fatigue. But I refuse to lay here feeling sorry for myself (although I certainly have my moments), I want to be used by God to support and encourage others, in particular other women.

For the past 4 years I’ve established online support groups, I’ve started a writing career to inspire others who suffer, and I’ve been privileged to pray for many. My desire is that God would continue to use me in whatever way He chooses.

I feel very blessed to have this unexpected but rewarding ministry. I’m humbled and honored to serve these amazing, strong, incredible women.